Fiddlesticks Knitting

Fiddlesticks Knitting Shetland SwirlFiddlesticks Knitting Windswept

Knitwear designer Dorothy Siemens has created a collection of fine lace designs that have inspired lace knitters for many years. Her inspirations include Shetland Lace, Estonian Lace, and Japanese lace patterning. Dorothy’s designs vary from traditional shawl shapings and construction to original stitch patterns and garments designs.

On the left is Shetland Swirl. This graceful shawl swirls around ones’ shoulders in a froth of lovely Shetland lace knitting. It stays in place with its unusual shaping, which is more than a semi-circle and shows the Shetland lace to fine advantage. The shawl is worked by casting on four stitches at the middle top, then increasing with the “pi” method to create a semi-circular shape. Longer “wings” are shaped with extra increases on the long top edges.

On the right is Windswept. Light and airy as milkweed and thistledown, this shawl in Shetland lace evokes a feeling of being swept away by a breath of wind. The shawl begins in the centre and works outwards in stocking stitch rounds. The lace patterning is worked on the front side, with increases creating sweeping curves in various Shetland lace motifs. There is lace shaping on every round. A garter stitch edging is knit sideways and attached to the live stitches of the shawl and bound off as you go.

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Photos and text reprinted with permission of Dorothy Siemens.