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hap_shawl_book_coverHeirloom Knitting is dedicated to those who love the beauty of hand knitted Shetland Lace and who also enjoy traditional lace knitting (sometimes known as white knitting). We have many examples of Shetland lace patterns – classified into centres, borders and edgings. Some are recreations of antique knitting; many are traditional and others are original designs by Heirloom Knitting. There is a showcase of completed Projects, including wedding wear, christening shawls, bridal shawls, ring shawls and matinee jackets. Many are made in a fine 1 ply Cobweb Shetland wool.” (Sharon Miller)

The designer for Heirloom Knitting, Sharon Miller, has been creating extraordinary laceworks and books on Shetland lace patterns for many years, inspiring knitters worldwide to create these stunning knitworks. Heirloom Knitting also carries exquisite fine lace yarns – often so hard to find – in cashmere, silk, merino and cotton.

Shown on the left is the Princess Shawl. This is one of the most complex Shetland lace patterns ever offered, inspired by one presented to Alexandra, Princess of Wales by Shetland in 1863.

On the right is Shetland Hap Shawls, Then and Now, one of several books written by Sharon Miller on the history of Shetland Shawls. “The Shetland hap shawl is often the first piece of Shetland Lace attempted by many a knitter, even though we may not know the pattern by that name at the time. It was the case with me and is so, and has been for many another for at least 150 years, and most likely longer than that.” (Sharon Miller)

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Photos and text reprinted with permission of Sharon and Michael Miller.