Book Lovers List – Lace

There are so many wonderful books to learn about knitting lace. Here are some of my favourites. Check out your favourite LYS or bookstore for copies. Links to publishers or distributors are also given.

A Legacy of Shetland LaceA Legacy of Shetland Lace, by Shetland Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers
From the publisher: “A collection of 21 stunning projects designed by members of the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and Dyers. While some are strictly traditional others are modernized and the patterns featured have designs planned for all levels of skill and experience.”
Publisher: Shetland Times

Arctic LaceArctic Lace, by Donna Druchunas
A book of projects, techniques, and workshops inspired by the exquisite lace knitting of Alaska’s Native knitters. Working with luxurious qiviut their designs are both beautiful and very warm. Also includes a detailed historical background on Arctic knitting.
Author: Donna Druchunas, of Sheep to Shawl

Art of Shetland LaceArt of Shetland Lace, by Sarah Don
The first section of the book gives us a brief history of Shetland lace, and some photographs of original, and exquisite, lace shawls and lace children’s socks. Then follows information on traditional shawl construction and techniques. The patterns are divided into 4 sections – edgings, all-over patterns, motifs, and scalloped designs. Garment designs include baby shawls, scarves, and a christening dress worked in traditional lace knitting patterns.
Publisher: Lacis

Barbara Abbey's Knitting LaceBarbara Abbey’s Knitting Lace, by Barbara Abbey
The lace patterns presented in this book are the culmination of many years of collecting knit laces and lace instructions. Most of these patterns were created in the last half of the 19th century. Their delicate look, and beautiful designs reflect the era they come from.
Publisher: Schoolhouse Press

Haapsalu ShawlHaapsalu Shawl, by Siiri Reimann, Aime Edasi
A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia
Though not a book of garment patterns (there are several photos shown throughout the book) this is a stunning book on the history of Estonian knitted lace with dozens of stitch patterns, each with a large enticing photo and chart.
The beginning introduction has several historical photos as well as modern shots, of the art of knitting lace in Estonia. An exceptional book that is large in format, and the beautiful knitting shows the obvious love the authors have for their subject. This inspiring book is a ‘must have’ for those who love to knit lace.
Distributor: Unicorn Books

Heirloom KnittingHeirloom Knitting, by Sharon Miller
Sub-titled A Shetland Lace Knitters’ Pattern and Workbook, this comprehensive book details lace knitting design and technique; dozens of charted traditional motifs plus the authors designs; patterns for traditional shawl construction and several heirloom items to knit. For those who want to develop their skill and understanding of Shetland Lace this is a wonderful resource.
Publisher: Heirloom Knitting

Knitted Lace of EstoniaKnitted Lace of Estonia, by Nancy Bush
“Deepen your knowledge of lace knitting in Estonia with Nancy Bush’s newest book, Knitted Lace of Estonia. Knitted Lace of Estonia includes dozens of Estonian, heirloom-quality lace patterns: scarves and shawls in square, rectangular, and triangular shapes; some with added edgings, some without. Plus, the book covers instructions for interchanging patterns and designing an Estonian-style shawl, stole or scarf from beginning to end. And, tips and techniques used in Estonia are included and augmented with expert advice from popular author Nancy Bush.
Publisher: Interweave Press

Knitted Shawls of Helga RuutelKnitted Shawls of Helga Ruutel, by Helga Ruutel
“There have always been people who write poetry for the drawer, for themselves only, yet it may happen that one day you meet someone who has been writing for the drawer … Haapsalu shawl patterns. Helga Rüütel, whose shawls have been created over many decades and are now being presented to you, is precisely this kind of person. Helga has given a title to each of her designs and, with the accuracy of an accountant, she has charted all her patterns. Including her last designs, the number of patterns she has created is close to two hundred. This book gathers a choice of 75 Helga Rüütel’s shawls together with their stitch patterns.” (Reimann, Siiri and Edasi, Aime, Saara Publishing, Türi, Estonia, 2009) This book does not include any detailed instructions for making a Haapsalu shawl. Haapsalu is a small town on the west coast of Estonia. ”
Distributor: Unicorn Books

Knitting LaceKnitting Lace, by Susanna Lewis
Knitting Lace documents the patterns of a 19th century sampler which was probably made in southern Germany or Austria. The piece is now in the care of The Brooklyn Museum, and was meticulously deciphered by one of it’s volunteers, Susanna Lewis. The sampler is surmised to have been a visual recording of patterns learned by the original knitter. The more simple designs in the early part of the sampler are elaborated, played with, and evolved into more complex lace patterns. Little did this original knitter know how many others, through this book, would follow her path in their apprenticeship in the art of lacemaking.
Publisher: Schoolhouse Press

Magic of Shetland Lace KnittingMagic of Shetland Lace Knitting, by Elizabeth Lovick
From the publisher: “The ethereal beauty and intricacy of Shetland lace knitting might seem beyond the powers of the everyday knitter, but the skills needed are within the reach of everyone who can knit, purl, cast on, and bind off. The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting is designed to take the novice knitter from their first “yarn over” through the steps needed to master the more complex patterns.”
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Wrapped in LaceWrapped in Lace, by Margaret Stove
From the Publisher: “A lifelong student of knitted lace, designer and spinner Margaret Stove shares her personal knitting journey of learning to create lace from scratch. Her spectacular designs are truly the pinnacle of the craft, and Wrapped in Lace follows Margaret as she works on the legendary “wedding ring shawl,” a large, knitted lace shawl so fine and delicate that it can be drawn through a wedding ring.”
Publisher: Interweave Press