Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, USA, has many historical knitworks in their collection, from fine knit European beaded purses from the 1800’s, and elegant long knit/embroidered stockings, to 1700’s Italian and Spanish silk hats. Their zoom option lets you see these fine stitches very clearly too! The hand knit treasures are mixed in with more modern machine knit garments, but well worth searching through.

Some of the highlights for me were:
Italian knit bag, 1780 – 1800 Knit in two colours with a pastoral scene which appears to be a shepherd and his flock.
Drawstring bag from Germany, 1800-1830. It is elegantly shaped and adorned with beaded flowers.
Fine lace man’s cap, European, 18th century. This is a very elegant cap for a man!