The Dutch Knitters

The Dutch KnittersThe Dutch Knitters web site features listings of in-depth classes on traditional knitting taught by Carla Meijsen, primarily in The Netherlands and Europe. Her passion for heritage knitting can be seen in the variety of classes and workshops she offers for knitters (see below).

Carla has traveled to both Estonia and Norway to study their knitting heritage, writing articles for many publications including The Knitter and Cast On (The Knitting Guild of America magazine). The Dutch Knitters also carries authentic Estonian Aade Lõng yarn for making colourful Estonian mittens. With Hilly van der Sluis, Carla published a wonderful book of Estonian inspired designs called Warm Hands – Estonian Mittens and Wrist Warmers.

carlameijsen Estonian Knitting

Included in her extensive listing classes are:
Twined Knitting
Vintage Socks and Stockings
Estonian Knitting Techniques
Estonian Lace Knitting – Traditional Haapsalu Shawls
Estonian Mittens and Wristwarmers
carlameijsen Twined Knitting

Carla MeijsenCarla is trained as Textile Arts teacher, and has Levels I and II of the The Knitter’s Guild of America Master Knitters program.

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Photos and text reprinted with permission of Carla Meijsen.