Sheep to Shawl

Sheep to ShawlArctic Lace Donna Druchunas is a knitter with a passion for writing, designing, teaching and traveling to knitting destinations.
She is the author of several books and DVDs, including Arctic Lace, Successful Lace Knitting Book, Ethnic Knitting Discovery, and Ethnic Knitting Exploration. Her newest endeavor is publishing her own book series, Stories in Stitches, in collaboration with Ava Coleman. The series features stories about knitters and their lives, traditions, history, and travel, all tied together with knitting patterns and projects.

Lacy Leaves Mitts

Lithuanian Beaded Wrist Warmers
Some of Donna’s inspired designs are below:
Lithuanian Beaded Wristers (on left) “Beads add a fabulous touch! Knowing just the basics of knitting, you can easily create colorful designs with beads. Using only garter stitch and learning how to read and work from beading charts, you can make beautiful jeweled wrist warmer cuffs that are inspired by those popular in Lithuania.”

Lacy Leaves Mitts (on right). “The leaf motif is inspired by a pattern stitch my Estonian friend Anna used to make a shawl. I added beads and knitted the stitch at a tighter gauge. With purl stitches separating the motifs, this pattern is quite stretchy. Although your gloves may look very small on the needles, they will stretch to fit your hand snugly, and the negative ease allows the pattern stitch to open up when the gloves are worn.”

There are many traditional knitting workshops that Donna teaches, including:
Design Your Own Lace Patterns
Lithuanian Sock Heels and Toes
Recreating Traditional Folk Socks
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Photos and text reprinted with permission of Donna Druchunas.