Stories in Stitches

Stories in StitchesStories In Stitches™ is a brand new publication series from Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman featuring stories about knitters and their lives, traditions, history, and travel, all tied together with knitting patterns and projects.

You’ve always known that knitting was more than just a way to make inexpensive clothing. In fact, knitting isn’t an economical way to make clothing at all.

Knitting gives you the satisfaction of making something with your own hands, the challenge of learning new stitches and patterns, the soothing balm of creating something simple and practiced. Your knitting, like mine, holds the story of a life. And the stories in knitting are what make it so special.

Stories In Stitches™ will bring more of the specialness of knitting into your life.”

Shown above is Stories In Stitches 1 Around the World: Counterpanes, and below, Stories In Stitches 2Around the World: Knitted Samplers
Stories in Stitches2
From Stories In Stitches 2Around the World: Knitted Samplers
“Join us as we go inside the lives and work of two of America’s knitting pioneers, Dorothy Reade & Anna Marie Jensen. We’ll visit where their stories began and learn how knitting shaped their lives. Finally become a living part of their stories by creating a stitch sampler and other beautiful projects based on their designs.”

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Photos and text reprinted with permission of Donna Druchunas.