Upton Yarns

3 Ply Coopworth Sport

Upton Yarns is a unique cottage industry in Maine, US, run by Sarah Upton, and features hand-dyed yarns in a gorgeous array of colours, from local fleeces in New England.

From Sarah, “I carefully select fleeces from small New England farms and backyard flocks, have them spun to my specifications at small mills, and then hand finish the yarn using only natural dyes.

The yarn I currently have in stock was made from Buckwheat Blossom Farm’s Coopworth sheep. Coopworth sheep have a lustrous, relatively long staple wool that creates a hard wearing yarn perfect for gloves, socks, hats, and sweaters.” Above is a selection of colours from the 3 Ply Coopworth Sport yarn line.

Cotswold Romney Fingering Of special interest to those who enjoy knitting Sanquhar patterning are colours from the Cotswold Romney Fingering yarn line. From Sarah, “I have long wanted to create a fine, semi-worsted yarn suitable for fine color-work (like Sanquhar knitting). Toby’s (Liberty Wool farm) fleece, with it’s long staple and good crimp is perfect for this project.

Like all my dyed yarn, I used only plant based dyes (organic when possible) and a few assists to achieve bright, light fast colors.”

Sarah UptonSarah leads a diverse life. When on land she is passionately creating new colours and dyes for the yarns, and restocking the shelves with hand-dyed skeins for knitters. She is also often on the sea as Assistant Engineer on The National Geographic Sea Lion, and working for the Maine State Ferry Service

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Photos and text reprinted with permission of Sarah Upton.