Sanquhar Gloves

Sanquhar GlovesFrom the publisher:
“Beth Brown-Reinsel has been fascinated with Sanquhar gloves since she first set eyes on them. In this video workshop, she takes you on a step-by-step knitting journey to make a pair of Sanquhar gloves from cuff to fingertip.

The gloves are covered with special details including personalized cuffs and three-dimensional fingers, but the designs are surprisingly simple. With the guidance of an expert knitter and teacher, you will learn how to knit Sanquhar gloves:

-Plan and swatch your gloves
-Create a comfortable fit
-Customize the cuff pattern
-Master colorwork for a polished look
-Knit thumbs and fingers to fit
-Design your own Sanquhar-style pattern”

Written by Beth Brown-Reinsel
More of Beth Brown-Reinsel on the Knitting Museum site.
Publisher: Interweave Press