Knitting image searches


With the rich and colourful resources of Google searches and Pinterest there are hundreds of knitting images one can view online. Though the searches can include many links off the topic, there are many that are well worth following! Below are several of my favourites:

  • 1600’s knitting includes many fine knit European jackets, hats, and fine gauge stockings.
  • 1700’s knitting includes paintings, fine knit gloves and Sanquhar knitting.
  • 1800’s knitting with both paintings, fine knit socks and patterns.
  • Estonian Knitting though primarily fine lace, also includes many colourful multi-colour designs.
  • Historical Knitting covers many centuries and cultures
  • Latvian Knitting is highly regarded for it’s colourful mittens and elegant cast on edgings.
  • Knitting in paintings is one my very favourites, with dozens of beautiful historical paintings featuring women with their knitting.
  • Museum Knitting varies from historical lace and colourful fine gauge knitting to knitting machines and historical paintings for lots of variety.
  • Peruvian Knitting features bright colourful chullos, and many photos of knitters working on these beautiful detailed garments.
  • Scandinavian knitting from modern versions to historical works, all beautiful patterned and colourful.
  • Shetland Knitting known worldwide for both Fair Isle and lace.
  • Vintage Knitting from early 1900’s to 1950’s leaflets, to modern versions of vintage fashion, lots of fitted garments and elegant designs