So Warm! – Twined Knitting

So-Warm-Twined-KnittingFrom the publisher:
“So Warm! – Twined Knitting is the first bilingual book (English and Dutch) on twined knitting. With the publication of So Warm!, Carla Meijsen spreads her enthusiasm and makes the originally-Swedish technique and tradition accessible to a wide audience, both in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Twined knitting is a Scandinavian knitting technique that is at least 400 years old, has many unique characteristics and offers a range of decorative possibilities. Experienced knitters will certainly find a new challenge in twined knitting, and the less-experienced can learn to master the technique using the detailed instructions and many photos.

Carla Meijsen prepared for writing So Warm! by means of thorough literature study and several study trips to Sweden, the birthplace of this technique. Since 2008, she has written articles, designed twined knitwear and given workshops on twined knitting in the Netherlands and abroad. The experiences she gained while doing these activities proved to be a thorough and also practical preparation for writing So Warm!

So Warm! contains over 30 patterns for wrist warmers, mittens, mitts, gloves, hats, socks, leg warmers, boot toppers and accessories, including some designs by Hanneke Bezem and Hilly van der Sluis. All patterns have clear descriptions and detailed charts. Both traditional and modern knitting methods, such as the Turkish cast-on, are incorporated in the designs, based on a modern take on an old tradition.”

Written by Carla Meijsen
Published by The Dutch Knitters.
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