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KnittingMuseumThe Knitting Museum is a compilation of links to museums with knitting collections; knit designers and teachers whose work is inspired by traditional knitting; and other resources and inspiration.

In the coming weeks and months as the pages expand it is my hope that knitters will find the site one that inspires them to Wows!! and encourages them to learn more about traditional techniques and the knitting designers and teachers who keep them alive and thriving.

The current collection of links reflects my own knitterly passions and interests…from fine Shetland and Estonian lace to complex cables and Fair Isles; from Sanquhar black and white designs to the intricate and colourful knit brocades of 17th and 18th century knitters.

The stitch design above is from early Egyptian knitting in the 12th century (a fragment in knitted cotton featured in one of my favourite reference books, A History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt). Charting and knitting this swatch initiated my fascination with the history of knitting. As you browse through the various links in this virtual Knitting Museum I hope you are smitten by the beauty of it all too.

If you have comments, queries, or a link to contribute, please contact Marsha by email.

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For those who like the site and want to let other knitters know about it, you can copy this image and link to http://www.knittingmuseum.com

Marsha White

MarshaAbout Marsha…
For the past 15+ years I have been sending beribboned parcels of books, patterns and yarns off to knitters worldwide via The Needle Arts Book Shop (a.k.a. Needle Arts Knitting )