In many museums worldwide there are knitting collections carefully stored and occasionally brought out for display in shows.

With online resources now available, many of the museums are putting their collections into digital libraries for knitting enthusiasts to search through, and creating virtual gallery shows.

View links to the museums. Hope you have an inspiring browse through their collections!

The museums are preserving knitted artifacts from centuries past including:

  • beautifully patterned knitted garments created in 12th – 13th century Egypt
  • elaborate Master Knitter ‘masterpiece’ hangings in 17th century Europe
  • fine gauge silk brocade jackets knit in 17th century Europe
  • delicate fine lace works in gossamer threads knit in various countries from the 17th century onwards (more famously from Russia, Estonia and Shetland)
  • colourful fine gauge Andean Chullo hats