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Beth Brown-Reinsel

Beth Brown-Reinsel

Knitting Traditions designer Beth Brown-Reinsel has been creating designs inspired by historic garments, and teaching traditional knitting techniques, for over 20 years. …

Schoolhouse Press Yarn

Schoolhouse Press Yarns

Finding traditional style yarns to create Fair Isles, fine laceworks, Ganseys and other traditional garments can require some research. Schoolhouse Press is …

Joyce James Shetland Knitting p

Joyce James Tours

Joyce James has been leading knitters and textile enthusiasts on guided tours for over 15 years, including Scotland, Wales, Turkey, France and …

Knitted bag p

South American Knitting

From the Textile Museum of Canada collection, these are a variety of knitted South American knitworks I took photos of several years …

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Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum located in London, UK, has an inspiring collection of knitting garments spanning several centuries and styles, plus …